An Indian Experience
in South Africa

10th Shared History
31st August - 9th September

Shared History: Celebrating a Decade

Shared History, in its landmark 10th year reinforces the centuries old narrative of historical and cultural ties between South Africa and India. Shared History, a Festival of Teamwork Arts in collaboration with the High Commission of India in South Africa came into existence in 2007. In its ten-year long eventful journey, Shared History has covered the vast cultural space through a kaleidoscope of visual and performing arts events including Music, Dance, Theatre, Comedy, Wellness and Food from India. Collaborating local South African artistes further deepen the outcome spread over a period of 2-3 weeks. Shared History is a festival that perfectly blends with the festivity and spirit of the rainbow country – South Africa.

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Featuring Events

The Festival explores the shared artistic bond and cultural history of the two countries and their recent pasts. Opening Reception   The Festival opens with the very talented Sonam Kalra, a vocalist whose skill spans both Western and Indian musical traditions.


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